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Hey Dads...

Boys Are Struggling


More likely to commit suicide 


More likely of substance abuse


More likely to get expelled


Of youth incarcerations


of high school droputs


More likely to medicate for ADHD

Our Experiences


It's our job to train and affirm them to be competent men with Christ-like character.

Here's How:

Train Through Expeditions

You can't do it alone. It takes a community of men to bestow manhood on a boy. Find or build your Tribe to train, disciple, and encourage your sons in their path to manhood.

Expeditions are 1-3 day retreats where a community of men (Tribe) come together with their sons to connect them to other mentors, teach them in a masculine environment, and then mark and affirm them in their walk to manhood. 

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The ultimate father-son showdown, featuring adrenaline-packed competitions all designed to fuel the competitive spirit and strengthen bonds through the thrill of sports.

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Experience the ultimate father-son challenge, pushing your limits in a day-long adventure race that forges lifelong memories and unbreakable bonds in the grit of shared struggle.

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Join us for a transformative two-day Tabernacle retreat, where fathers and sons journey through self-discovery, tackle the untruths that hinder growth, and forge an enduring bond amidst shared reflection and insight

Affirm Through Ceremonies

Father-Son Ceremonies for:

Elevate your team's spirit with our step-by-step guide to executing impactful father-son ceremonies, designed to forge unbreakable bonds and instill lifelong values on and off the field.

Father-Son Ceremonies for:

Transform your congregation with our comprehensive ceremony blueprint, tailored for churches to foster deep, meaningful connections between fathers and sons, enriching their faith journey together."

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Create Your Tribe

Start or join a Treign Up sports team or micro-school

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